I think everybody gets to a point in their life at least once where they realize things can't go on the way the are. When you get sick of existing in world that at times isn't just unpleasant, it's absolutely disgraceful. We get sick of play the "work hard everyday" game when all your rewards are stolen right out of your pocket by the government. Work, consume, sleep (if you can), every day, over and over for the rest of your life as a slave all the while knowing that we are the luckiest percent of the population.
But it's not enough they take our time and money, they (whoever you choose to believe "they" are) also want our minds. We are brain-washed not to think, not to stand up and open our eyes to the crumbling world beneath our feet. The pillaging and violation is not only happening in front of us but it is something we have become a part of. A crowd of mindless sheep, each individual socially isolated and separated from every other.
So it'd not so surprising that many of us fall into pit of despair; hopeless, helpless, alone and completely terrified.   

Then come the hero's. The outsiders that never fit in, the deviants and defiant who nobody told that there are rules and that life isn't really for living.
I'm definitely not a hero but I'm not going to be a sheep either and although I prefer to blend in and be invisible amongst a crowd, it's not because I want to fit in, it's because any minuet they could realise I'm not one of them, it's pretty awkward.

Being an unemployed person fishing for jobs in an over crowded pool of few fish has been my life since I left school. I have a diverse volunteer portfolio, so I can prove I'm not lazy, but still no job. I'm now 23 years old. That doesn't bug me anymore, but I can't run away and live in a cave or the bush for a few years and live my own life because I wouldn't survive, and that does frustrate me.
How ever, there are other things I can do. Start a Blog for instance and take on a challenge...say a 365 day art challenge.

So for the next 365 days, everyday I will create one art piece, it might not solve anything and it's no eccentric escape from civilization, but it's productive and will do for now.

Feel free to join the challenge yourself :D
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